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Starting Today, Fri Nov. 26, farming of BOL-MANA and USDT-MANA into Boltrfarm will be available on or after 14:00 UTC. Liquidity Provider for BOL-MANA and USDT-MANA may stake their LP Token to receive rewards in BOL.

One of the most common requests we received from Boltr users; is to be able to farm more Polygon(MATIC) tokens on BoltrFarm. Most recently we have added farm support for BOL-MATIC, USDT-BOL, USDT-MATIC, BOL-BLOK, USDT-BLOK, BOL-POLYDOGE, USDT-POLYDOGE…

Starting Today, Fri Nov. 26, Users are able to add liquidity of BOL-MANA and USDT-MANA effectively right now.

MANA Contract Address:

What is MANA?
Decentraland is a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain and Polygon blockchain as its scaling solution. Users can create, experience, and monetize content and applications.

Where you can get MANA based Polygon(MATIC) network?
You can swap any polygon(MATIC) token in MANA through MetaMask Swap Function on MetaMask Wallet.

2/ You can swap USDT and BOL into MANA through Boltrswap platform

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