After doing deeper research on the market, Boltr Labs decided to make a full migration from KCC to Polygon.

Boltr Labs decided to do a manual migration rather than a bridge as it may cost a lot of fees per transaction and it may be time-consuming to prepare for the bridge. Therefore, Boltr Labs provides the steps that you should take in order to migrate successfully.

  1. Liquidity Providers (LP) should remove all of their liquidity from BoltrFarm based in KCC as soon after this post was published. This is due to the fact that all farms will be closed phase by phase immediately after this post was made.
  2. Fill in this form: https://forms.gle/554NsBtaLvWPS6uCA with an honest answer without fraud and deception. Our team will review the form carefully before proceed to transfer the BOL into users’ new accounts in Polygon.
  3. For records, the form consists of crucial questions which provide evidence of ownership, amount of BOL, and burn address hash ID transaction.
  4. Bear in mind that you have to act fast and do not delay the migration as the form is only open for 5 days starting from 7th November 2021 to 12th November 2021.
  5. Please refer to point (no.1), all LP should remove their liquidity. Boltr Labs will not be liable for any Liquidity left on the contract after we closed the farm as we already informed that on the period of 7th to 12th November 2021, the farming pool will be closed 1 by 1 randomly. No estimation date will be given regarding the exact time of closing the farms in order to avoid irresponsible parties from taking advantage of this transition phase.
  6. For your information, this transfer is using a BOT. Boltr Labs will take no consideration for any user who asks to make any transfer after the timeframe given.

ATTENTION: We won’t be liable for any price movement of BOL (KCC) in this transition phase because of the instability of Liquidity after LP took out their liquidity as soon after this post was made. Please do not make any SWAP transactions of BOL in Boltrswap (KCC) in this transition phase due to the reason of Liquidity instability. We won’t provide any support service regarding this kind of situation.

However, Boltr Labs will do our best to entertain all of our users in this migration phase as long as all of the above terms and conditions are fulfilled.

Best Regards,

Boltr Labs.




Boltr is a decentralize exchange and yield aggregated platform running in KuCoin Community Chain (KCC).

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Boltr is a decentralize exchange and yield aggregated platform running in KuCoin Community Chain (KCC).

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